Our Expertise

Fast … Secure … Reliable

We have the expertise skills and capabilities, to meet
customers’ requirements both locally and globally.

  • Shipment planning and management
  • Freight execution and monitoring
  • Freight settlement (incl. freight invoice audit & client billing)
  • Performance reporting
  • Door to Door shipping and delivery services
  • Efficient & Reliable Services
  • Flexibility & Customer Satisfaction
  • Open for 24 x 7 communication with clients
  • Tracking and delivery updates
  • Highest standards of goods handling and movement for various types of products from start o finish.
  • Customized Handling:
  • Perishable products (Meat, Poultry and Seafood, Fresh Produce, Dairy Products,etc…), Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals products,
  • High Value Goods,
  • Electronic products,
  • Heavy Industrial products
  • Special arrangements for handing of Dangerous goods
  • Availability of handling equipment at points of pick-up and delivery
  • Careful visibility and monitoring throughout the entire transport chain with specialty solutions
  • Irrespective of size of shipment, we offer direct transportation from consigner to consignee